About Wilf’s Café

wilfcharl‘Wilf’s’ was originally a café above Rock and Run (now Lakes Runner) in Ambleside, later to move to above another Outdoor shop, run by Iain Williamson. (Iain is generally known as Wilf, from a school days’ nickname). It gained widespread popularity amongst outdoor enthusiasts.

1991. A chance discussion amongst friends, including Charlotte Webb, resulted in a trial appearance at an Orienteering event over in Eskdale selling a basic menu to the competitors. It was a success! The popularity for ‘Wilf’s’ food at events grew and with the closing of the original café by the owners of the shop, Wilf and Charlotte became business partners and put all their energies into developing the event catering, which went from strength to strength.

Keen to open a new café and open up new opportunities for expanding the business, here we are! Tucked away at the back of the Mill Yard, many said it wouldn’t work but we perservered. The Café has really taken off, as has the rest of the yard.  So much so that last year we made the descision to concentrate on the Café & sell the Event side of the business.  We miss the people & places we got to.

You can see whats going on in the rest of the Yard here.

We have a varied, interesting menu with daily specials which we know you’ll enjoy.