Slide & Supper Talks 2018 – Reschedule 1st Nov 2018

Do you remember….it was REALLY snowy back at the beginning of March?  We had to postpone Ingrid, Kate & Sean’s talk ~ “Teddy Bears on a Tandem”.  This will now be on Thursday 1st November 2018. Many people transferred their tickets but we will have some for sale in October. Check out (Wilf’s Talks) to … Continue... Continue reading

New Parking regulations in Staveley Mill Yard (not our instigation!)

Weekends – no restriction Weekdays – Between 8am – 5pm if you want to park for more than 2 hours you need to get a dated green frog from one of the yard businesses. If not, you will be “Toad”, ha ha get it?! Actually I think you just get a reminder to get a … Continue... Continue reading